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Beaucat Scarves

The Hoet family is a creative team that designs accessories: more than just clothes, they inspire you and envelop you in that one special moment.

Fanny Cripyn, the partner of optician and designer Philip Hoet, has been putting her heart and soul into her personalised collection of scarves for years.

The first seeds of her collection were sown more than three years ago in sunny Mallorca. The artistic duo ran a small shop on the island, where they sold all kinds of colourful and whimsical treasures such as sunglasses, pretty bags, beachwear and, last but not least, scarves.
To Fanny’s surprise, the scarves were what particularly caught the eye of her customers.
She realised that women needed scarves to add the final touch to their outfit.
They were looking for a wrap to express the colour of their personalities.

Homesick for their Belgian home, the creative pair eventually decided to return to their roots.
But that did not mean that Fanny had to leave her great passion behind.
With a love of photography inherited from her father, the designer set to work with her son Mathis, with whom she creates her designs.

She incorporates her own photographs with their extraordinary records of the moment into her scarf collection, in the form of unique prints.
A tiny detail in the wide expanse of nature, an atmospheric shadow, the play of light in an elegant glass: anything can lead to a Beaucat scarf design.
Colours, details and the right composition.
These elements make up Fanny’s holy trinity.

Fascinated by his mother’s work, Mathis also began designing after his photography degree. His wall creations transport you into another world, as it were, allowing you to forget the tumult of daily life, even if only for a moment.

The Hoet family, a family who creates and inspires…
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Contact us
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Tel. +32 3 216 01 22 - Fax. +32 3 216 07 25
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